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Mike Atkinson Inc. has been serving Roanoke area for 25 years. We are a family company and licensed, insured and bonded. Your local excavating contractor and demolition contractor. Specializing in foundations, parking lots, road clearing, pond building, land clearing. We take the hassle out of demolition and excavation work. Trust us to communicate with you every step of the way. All property types: commercial, residential, industrial, agricultural and municipal. We take pride in our work.

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Are you a local homeowner who is looking to expand your property with a guest house? Is your land overrun or underdeveloped and you need specialized assistance? Perhaps your company is going through a major development or expansion. Maybe an environmental cleanup is necessary. It’s also possible that your pipes and lines require an extensive repair. One important stage in any of these projects, and the very first step when it comes to the process of building is excavation. Trust the experts at Mike Atkinson Inc. to help you achieve your goals. We have the heavy equipment and the operators, with many years experience, to handle any size job. By choosing the right company, your excavation project will be complete within a timely manner.

Excavation services involve more than just moving dirt around. We thoroughly evaluate the site, soils, and engineering to ensure the job is done in the safest and most cost-efficient manner. Our services range from initial site design and soil investigation to final grading and soil stabilization. No matter how big or small the project, we’ll use the latest construction techniques to ensure a high level of efficiency with low environmental impacts. From precision site grading to pad preparation to complete demolition coverage, you can count on Mike Atkinson Inc. to give your project the right finish with a solid foundation. When you’re in need of excavation contractors in the Roanoke and all surrounding counties, we are your complete source. We always pride ourselves in adhering to all the best safety practices, finishing jobs on time, and even beating the expected completion date on your jobs. In addition, any excavation work will be done quickly, efficiently and safely. All property types: commercial, residential, industrial, agricultural and municipal.

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