About Mike Atkinson Inc.

Our Roots

Mike Atkinson Inc. is a family company who has been doing excavation, demolition and disposal in Salem, VA and surrounding areas for over 35 years. Honestly, we love demolishing things. We also love watching a piece of land that is overrun or underdeveloped turned into the foundation for somebody's dream. We are your local excavating contractor and demolition contractor, both residential and commercial. Whether foundations, parking lots, road clearing, pond building, land clearing we are your complete source. We take pride in our work.

Our Future

We are a family business and the second generation is already involved. We look forward to the time when their children also join the business. We demolish things, we tame wild places, we are at the very beginning of many dreams in Salem, VA and surrounding areas, from a new home to a new farm. Make the process as stress-free as possible by leaving the demolition and excavation to the pros at Mike Atkinson, Inc. All property types: commercial, residential, industrial, agricultural and municipal. Let us help make your dream a reality. We'll take the hassle out of demolition and excavation.